Power Factor Correction unit

TOLAN Power Factor Units ranges from 75K VAR to 800K VAR and comprises of the following:

  • Metalized Polypropylene Capacitors, Gas-impregnated/thy type with self-healing technology IP65, (Epcos, Germany).
  • Protection Devices using Molded Case Circuit Breakers (Legrand, France).
  • Harmonics Rectifiers, (Epcos, Germany),for optimum power quality.
  • Forced Air Cooling.
  • Stand-Alone and Integrated Systems.
  • Enclosures are made from 2.0 mm mild steel ST 37 Kg / mm², chemically treated and powder coated
    to RAL 7032.
  • Customized Power Factor correction Units could be designed by our professional team of
    engineers. Free Site surveys are offered to establish the network impedance and the value of
    harmonic currents flowing.