Steel Modular Foundation (SMF)

Replacement of Telecommunication and Transmission line Concrete Foundation by Steel Modular System Foundation (SMF SYSTEM)

TOLAN manufactures a comprehensive range of modular system 2 x 2, 3 x 3,   4 x 4 , 5×5 , etc..  to satisfy various needs “different heights, loads and load cases”.

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SMF Modular System (3X3)


  • Foundation Height: 2.4 Meters
  • Foundation Length: 6 Meters.
  • Foundation Width: 6 Meters.

Wind Load :

  • Extreme Wind Speed 160 Km/h.
  • Service Wind Speed 120 Km/h.

Design Code:

  • BS5950/TIA-222G.

Design & Analysis Software:

  • The analysis was accomplished with SAP2000

Steps for installing SMF

Step No. 1
Connect the 4 parts together with 4 bolts per side as shown in the picture below

Step No.2
 Install the legs to the welded angles (in step 1) with 8 bolts
Step No.3
Connect the bracing (SH1, SH2, SH3 and SH4) to the welded plates in the main legs with 2 bolts M16*40

 Step No.4
Connect the side plates with M12*40 bolts as shown below And the doors with bolts M12*40
       Final step
       Tie the checker plate With bolts M12*25


Advantages of Modular System Foundation

  1. Light weight design.
  2. Fast and easy installation at site.
  3. Easy mobilization and handling.
  4. Don’t need high skills engineers for assemble and erection.
  5. High precision quality and fault free.
  6. Easy to disassemble and assemble in a new location.
  7. Low package cost compared to concrete foundation.
  8. Easy to replace damaged parts due to accidents and force majeure.